Le Fil d'Ariani

Le jour décroît,
La nuit augmente,
Le gouffre a toujours soif,
La clepsydre se vide.

That would be me. Duh.
One day, my mother told me that if I have something nice to say, I should say it, because everyone loves a compliment. She told me I could never do something wrong by saying what I was thinking as long as what I was thinking was nice.
So I do that all the time. Therefore, I believe that lots of people think I’m a lesbian. I wouldn’t compliment random female strangers if I was, because then I would be hitting on them, but I’m not. Still, being completely straight (or totally gay, since I’ve always felt more like a boy inside…) doesn’t stop me from seeing beauty when it comes across me.
I do like talking to a woman I’ve never seen in my life just to say “Your legs are beautiful “, “you’re gorgeous” or “I love your tattoo / hairdo / shoes” to her. Most of the time they look so surprised and pleased it makes my day, because it makes me think that I made theirs.
Well, that’s quite accurate.